Infoday Photocatalysis - today and tomorrow

6. Oktober 2009 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

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The photocatalytic splitting of water is one of the most exciting applications of photocatalysis, which was discovered by Fujishima and Honda in 1972 to occur over TiO 2 . Currently, self-cleaning glass is commercially available, which has a thin transparent TiO 2 coating, and also for drinking water purification highly efficient photocatalytic processes are well established. The DECHEMA infoday “Photocatalysis – today and tomorrow” is devoted to the present state and the perspectives of photocatalysis covering mechanisms, catalysts, and innovative products. Six experts in this field will address semiconductors, doped low-cost oxides, molecular systems, and enzymes used in nature. The use of sunlight to generate hydrogen will be outlined especially with respect to its economic constraints.

The infoday offers the unique opportunity to discuss photocatalysis with the world-leading experts.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Frankfurt!

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