Nanoscale Geometry and Functionality Meeting

27. Mai 2013 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

The meeting has been cancelled.



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Fundamental biological processes such as DNA replication and protein synthesis are based on the minute interplay of a machinery of molecules that interdigitate like the shafts and teeth of mechanical gearing. Naturally, brownian motion and molecular fluctuations play a major role and rotatory movements are the exception in biology, but the intimate relation between three-dimensional shape and biomolecular function is generally undisputed. Additionally to the direct implication on the nanoscopic world also the macroscopic behavior of materials can be determined by the 3D shape of the molecular building blocks, famous examples being the flexibility of rubber, the stability of wood, the optical properties of butterfly wings and the broad range of functionality of muscle fibers.

This workshop will focus on the possibilities that arise from nanometer-precise structuring of surfaces and materials for fundamental research and the development of pharmaceutical applications and diagnostic tools. We invite contributions that concern the questions: How can the biological, chemical or physical properties of a material be influenced through local or geometrically defined structuring on the nanoscale or can we mimic biology's efficiency by controlling surface functionalization on the molecular level?

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