High-throughput experimentation
- a modular course

Module III - Analytics and industrial applications

Module III: Analytics and industrial applications

30 September - 01 October 2014, Heidelberg University/Germany

Combinatorial and high-throughput methods are an ever more important part of the toolbox employed for industrial materials development. These methods can cover a wide range of parameters in order to develop and optimize relevant characteristics of the material in question, as well as supporting characterization and analysis.

This course module will focus on the industrial applications of high-throughput technologies. It allows a unique insight into modern industrial approaches to tackle the complexities of materials development, from synthesis and analysis to processes and characterization.

Within this course module, the participants have the opportunity to visit high-throughput operations in industrial environments at BASF and hte. The industrial visits are complemented by part of the module at Heidelberg University to cover the analytical applications.




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