NMR of materials and processes: in site and outside
Prof. Bernhard Blümich, RWTH Aachen/D
Surface chemistry on organometallic nanoparticles
Bruno Chaudret, CNRS, Toulouse/F
Design of new catalysts based on molecular level insight - a surface
science approach
Prof. Ib Chorkendorff, Center for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality (CINF). Lyngby/DK
Exploring chiral space in asymmetric catalysis
Prof. Ben L. Feringa, University of Groningen/NL
Fuel cells and metal-air batteries for all-electric vehicles: electrocatalysis and performance
degradation mechanisms

Prof. Hubert A. Gasteiger, TU München/D
Applied bio- and chemical catalyses in industrial carbohydrate chemistry
Prof. Markwart Kunz, Südzucker AG, Ochsenfurt/D
Process intensification through integrated reactor concepts and nanoscale catalyst engineering
Prof. Götz Veser, University of Pittsburgh, PA/USA


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