Process, Apparatus and Plant Technology


The PAAT Section focuses on the plant life cycle of production plants, the emphasis being on process development and optimization, design and construction as well as operation and maintenance. The perspective is on the whole process or plant and the interplay of the parts.

Besides the topics of special interest, the necessary workflows, tools (engineering systems, e.g. for CAE, CAPE, production logistics or control) and methods (e.g. for process intensification, construction, or cost estimates) are considered. Since a plant's life cycle is highly integrated, special importance is attached to a holistic, multidisciplinary approach in terms of both method and content. For this reason, systems technology is extremely important.

The objective of work in the various bodies of the PAAT Section is

  • to discuss R&D problems in the individual disciplines of process, apparatus and plant technology
  • to detect knowledge gaps which impede the solution of technical problems
  • to formulate recommendations and discuss the measures required to close the gaps

This will make it possible to identify research needs and initiate research projects, which can then be supported accordingly.


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