GeCatS Infoday - Selective catalytic transformation of biogenic feedstocks

22. November 2013 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

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Lignocellulose based renewables are considered to have great potential as a carbon source for energy and materials value chains without direct competition for food production. In addition to fermentation routes to short-chain alcohols or concepts of biomass gasification and subsequent synthesis, selective catalytic transformation will offer many opportunities for sustainable processes for chemicals, polymers or fuel components. Crucial for this purpose are synthesis strategies and concepts of reaction engineering for selective de- and re-functionalization of biogenic feedstocks and platform chemicals. Homogeneous, heterogeneous as well as bio-catalytic processes and their integration are of vital importance. At the Infoday experts from industry and academia will present and discuss current trends, recent progresses and scientific-technological challenges in this field.


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