2nd Indo-German Catalysis Conference

19. - 22. Juni 2011 Rostock

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 - Catalysis for renewable energy -

Catalysis is the key-interdisciplinary technology in the chemical industry, particularly for the development of energy supply and for the application of new renewable raw materials and for more environmental benign chemical processes. Facing the importance of catalysis for renewable energy and raw material supply the conference is focussed to this topic.

Experts from India and Germany will present papers about photocatalysts and its application, fuel cells and hydrogen processing. Reports about renewable raw materials (including different kinds of bio mass like cellulose, lignin, fatty oils and others) are an essential part of the conference. Further papers are directed on the enhancement of efficiency and selectivity in chemical processes (e.g. production of polymers and petrochemicals) to save energy and raw material. In this connection also the development of new effective catalysts will be demonstrated.

Papers will be presented by both scientists from industry and from academia. Thus, the conference will open the way for fruitful discussions between experts working in different fields, held together by catalysis research.

The first Indo-German conference has started the mutual discussion between scientists of both countries; the target of the second conference is to strengthen this discussion to derive new concepts for joint co-operations for a better future.


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