30th ATC 2021: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry - Materials and Processes

24. - 26. Februar 2021 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt, Germany Teaserbild

Let’s celebrate three decades of the ATC Conference!

The upcoming 30th anniversary ATC will deal with one of the most pressing issues of these days, a carbon free economy. Among other topics it will put an eye on hydrogen as a low-cost and low-carbon energy carrier and as a source for base chemicals. In addition for the first time the ATC PhD Student Workshop will provide a forum for PhD students the day before the ATC Conference on 24th February 2021.

The conference traditionally tackles cross sectional and pioneering topics. Therefore the 30th ATC will deal with the following topics

  • Innovative Generation and Use of Hydrogen
  • Fuel Cells - from Fundamentals to Applications
  • Advanced Characterization Methods
  • Materials for Electronics

1st ATC PhD Student Workshop

Call for Papers (by 6 October)

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Towards a decarbonized Chemical Industry

Clean hydrogen-technology is currently enjoying an unprecedented momentum, because its flexibility makes it so useful within future energy systems.

Hydrogen already can be gained from a wide variety of resources. In addition, it can be used in a wide range of applications, such as power generation, fuel and as a base chemical for the chemical- and steel industry. Moreover, hydrogen is already used in the chemical industry, so industry is familiar with its production, handling and distribution. While green hydrogen can help to decarbonize our energy system, however, the use of hydrogen in the economy also has to face challenges including bottlenecks related to scientific, technical and materials issues and the competition with optional technologies.

Progress through advanced analytical methods

In this light advanced methods of characterizing inorganic chemical reactions, materials and processes are the base of new developments. In particular to develop new catalysts and materials for the green generation of hydrogen characterization methods are of utmost importance. As in the years before ATC will provide a stage for the presentation of such advanced methods to characterize chemicals, materials and chemical reactions.

The base for the next generation of electronics

To fulfill the cross sectional and pioneering character of this conference materials for electronics also will be in the focus of ATC 2021. Especially materials and processes for the use in transistors for neuromorphic computing will be presented and discussed.

Together with the ATC PhD Student workshop the 30th ATC Conference will provide excellent opportunities for established and young researchers from academia and industry to exchange knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere and will foster out-of-the-box thinking to generate new ideas.


Picture source: Thomas Hannappel, TU Ilmenau/D


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30th ATC 2021 is a Conference on Industrial Inorganic Chemistry with ATC PhD-Student Workshop, DECHEMA-house in Frankfurt 24 - 26 February 2021, Germany. The topics are Innovative Use & Generation of Hydrogen, Fuel Cells - from Fundamentals to Applications, Advanced Characterization Methods and Materials for Electronics
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