31. Deutsche Zeolith-Tagung


Pre-DZT-Workshop: Biomedical Applications of Zeolites and Related Nanoporous

on 6 March 2019, 9:00- 12:00

There is an ever increasing research activity focusing on the development of porous inorganic or hybrid organic-inorganic materials for drug delivery and diagnostics. Many proof-of-concept studies have been published during the last years showing the high promise of this material platform for biomedical applications. However, there are several competing nanoparticulate platforms, and the road from the lab to the clinic is a long one, requiring both lengthy testing and long-term funding. Thus, often academic interests and practical relevance aspects may not be easy to combine. This workshop will critically address key issues in the field, including characterization protocols together with relevance and experimental design issues, in order to assist researchers in the field to address these aspects already at an early stage of the development process. The workshops targets young researchers and PhD students as well as more experienced researchers in the field.

The workshop includes the following lectures:

"Mesoporous silica nanoparticles - the making and the breaking" Focus on nanoparticle synthesis and dissolution
Karin Möller, LMU München

"The protein corona - friend or enemy" Focus on nanoparticle-biointeractions and biodistribution
Mika Lindén, University of Ulm

"The bigger picture of tumor targeting and drug delivery" A holistic, critical view on the nanobio-field and recommendations for the future
Twen Lammers, RWTH Aachen


The workshop is free of charge. The lectures will be held in English.


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