Education and Innovation


Education and Innovation in process engineering, chemistry and biotechnology covers all stages of education and training through to implementation in new technologies and products. The individual bodies of the section pursue the following aims and activities:

  • Organization of schools' competitions in the area of science and technology
  • Information events and networking forums for students
  • Organization of events and symposia on current educational themes
  • Preparation of memoranda and position papers on cutting-edge developments relating to education in technical chemistry
  • Drafting of recommendations on access and educational pathways in process engineering
  • Awards for outstanding achievements of students and young scientists
  • Development and assessment of novel forms of learning and teaching
  • Identification of trends in technology, the economy and society and their interaction; the implications for the future course of the chemical industry
  • Development and assessment of futurology methods

The Section's tasks include the development of curricula for study courses in process engineering, bioengineering and chemical engineering at universities and universities of applied sciences, the preparation of memoranda on maintaining and boosting the quality of technical chemistry and on education in biotechnology, and also analysis of the establishment of new business segments in companies, and of value-added chains.
The work of the different Subject Divisions and Working Parties of the Section is interdisciplinary in nature and, depending on the task, cross-disciplinary with the work groups of other Sections. The special areas of interest and short profiles of the Section's various bodies with their Chairs and Deputy Chairs are introduced in the following pages.




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