Emil Kirschbaum Medal

Award Winners

  • 1991 Helmut Knapp, Professor Dr. rer.nat., Berlin/Germany
  • 1994 Alfons Mersmann, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Munich/Germany
  • 1997 Karl Stephan, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Stuttgart/Germany
  • 2000 Ulfert Onken, Prof. Dr.rer.nat., Dortmund/Germany
  • 2003 Johann Stichlmair, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Munich/Germany
  • 2006 Ralf Goedecke, Dr.-Ing., Rodenbach/Germany
  • 2009 Gerd Maurer, Prof. Dr.-Ing., TU Kaiserslautern/Germany

Award Guidelines

  1. The medal is called the 'Emil Kirschbaum-Medaille'. It is one of three ProcessNet medals. ProcessNet is a joint initiative of DECHEMA e.V. and VDi-GVC.
  2. The medal is awarded at least every three years.
    All achievements documented in publications and lectures are taken into account.
  3. The medal is presented at a special public ceremony, preferentially during the ProcessNet Annual meeting.
  4. The award consists of a certificate and a medal.
  5. The Emil Kirschbaum Medal is awarded in recognition of work that has contributed towards deepening and extending the fundamentals of thermal process engineering or to exemplary applications in industry. Priority is given to trend-setting experimental discoveries, exemplary modeling or theoretical developments in the scale-up of thermal processes.
  6. No geographical restriction is imposed on the award of the medal.
  7. As proof of competence, publications in international journals should be submitted to the Board of ProcessNet. The publications must have appeared by the end of the year preceding the award ceremony.
  8. The Board of ProcessNet decides on the award of the medal in consultation with other experts.
  9. The Board of ProcessNet takes all published work of a candidate into account as far as possible.
  10. The ProcessNet Board's decision on the award conferred is final and cannot be challenged.
  11. The announcement of the award winner is published in the journal "Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik" and in national and international scientific journals and newspapers.
  12. The announcement is made by
            a. press release to national and international journals and newspapers
            b. notification to members of academia active in thermal process engineering
    Announcements are repeated if necessary.





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