From natural substances and phytoextracts to the development of new active ingredients, from product design, formulation and quality management to drug delivery and new materials for medical technology

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  • PRAXISforum Krisenmanagement

    Wie gut sind Sie auf eine Krise in Ihrem Unternehmen vorbereitet? Kennen Sie die konkreten Schritte im Fall der Fälle? Oder haben Sie sich darüber...

  • PRAXISforum Future Production in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

    Increasing efficiency and flexibility The chemical and pharmaceutical industry are changing. The digitalization of these industries increases the...

  • Gene Therapy – Ready for the Market?

    Manufacturing, vectors, applications & regulatory aspects

  • 3rd European Conference on Natural Products

    In September 2018, the 3rd European Conference on Natural Products will again feature recent advances in secondary metabolite research. With a special...

  • Final Report ACHEMA 2018

    Higher international character, clear trends, satisfied exhibitors, but fewer visitors: these arethe keywords to summarize ACHEMA 2018.

  • 3D Cell Culture 2018

    How close to in vivo can we get? Get updated about 3D cell cultures as predictive, physiological relevant model systems! Since our first symposium in...

  • Status Paper "Facility of the Future"

    The biopharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly in recent decades, with biotechnologically manufactured drugs are at the top both in new approvals and new fields of application. Various trends such as the production of biosimilars have led to a real boom in new production facilities in recent years.
    Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly planning and constructing more flexible, smaller plants to meet the demand. These flexible Facilities of the Future (FoF) often use single-use systems. The Status Paper of the DECHEMA working group “Single-use technology in biopharmaceutical manufacturing” is an introduction in the field.

  • PRAXISforum Krisenmanagement

    Das nächste PRAXISforum "Krisenmanagement" findet am 03. und 04. Juni 2019 im DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt/Main statt. Die großen Unternehmenskrisen...

  • DECHEMA visits Berlin-Buch: Trading in cells - Lab cultures, patients, and the promise of applications

    Colloquium on 18.10.2017 at Campus Berlin-Buch. The colloquium is organised by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH, Campus Berlin-Buch, and supported by DECHEMA e.V.

  • Webinar: Biomarker - Platform technology for identifying innovative signatures

    Speaker: Dr. Ronny Schmidt, Sciomics GmbH, Heidelberg/D Innovative biomarker signatures are a cornerstone of precision medicine especially in the immune...

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