German Zeolite Association

Subject Division

The Zeolite Subject Division targets the promotion of research on zeolites and related microporous, mesoporous and macroporous materials. The most important instrument to achieve this is the annual Zeolite Conference, with particular consideration given to integrating younger colleagues into the scientific community. The Subject Division fosters contacts with industry, academic organizations and administrative and governmental bodies. It compiles expert opinions, particularly in the framework of the research promotion activities of DECHEMA. It identifies and assesses scientific and technical developments and trends and elaborates proposals for programmes for public research promotion organizations. The Subject Division cooperates with the International Zeolite Association (IZA) and the Federation of European Zeolite Associations (FEZA).


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kleist

Vorsitz / Chairman:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kleist
TU Kaiserslautern

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