Microreaction Engineering

Subject Division

The Working Party deals with the theory and practice of microprocessing components. It sees its role as that of a specialist forum for the discussion of R&D results, the exchange of ideas and experience, continuing education as well as the professional development of young scientists. There are close points of intersection to process intensification and to chemical process engineering and thus to the Sections Chemical Reaction Engineering and Process, Apparatus and Plant Engineering, to the Subject Division Process Intensification and the German industrial platform for microprocess engineering.
Key activities:

  • Fundamentals of microstructured apparatus and their production
  • Characteristics with chemical conversions in microstructured apparatus
  • Application of microprocess engineering components
Dr. Thomas R. Dietrich

Vorsitz / Chairman:
Dr. Thomas R. Dietrich,
mikroglas chemtech GmbH, Mainz

Prof. Dr. Roland Dittmeyer

Vorsitz / Vice Chairman:
Prof. Dr. Roland Dittmeyer,
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie - KIT

Dr. Frank Stenger

Stellv. Vorsitz / Vice Chairman:
Dr. Frank Stenger,
Evonik Industries AG, Hanau

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