Creative Young Process Engineers

Young Scientists Initiative

Creative Young Process Engineers

kjVI - an initiative of VDI-GVC


A group of young process engineers have joined together in this initiative which has the following focus:

  • To promote and represent young engineers
  • To improve networking among young engineers and also between schools, universities and industry
  • To inspire pupils and teachers with enthusiasm for a career in process engineering

The projects include:

  • Organization of programmes for students and postgraduates at the annual ProcessNet-conferences
  • Since 2006 the ChemCar competition has proved to be a high-profile crowd-puller
  • Cooperation with the ProcessNet Subject Division Education and In-Training and with the VDI-GVC Advisory Committee
  • Annual KjVI-meeting for the exchange of ideas and experience


Dipl-Ing. Donata Fries, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Dipl-Ing. Antje Hansmeier, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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