Innovation Management and Future Research

Working Party


The Working Party views itself as a think tank for the chemical industry, identifying and developing strategies for new topics and environments conducive to innovation. The focus is on technological, economic and social trends and their interaction, and the implications for the future course of the chemical industry and on future research methods (e.g. strategies and assessment tools for the identification of new technologies and markets) and insights from innovation management (e.g. in terms of high-risk projects and new business models in the chemical industry). Innovation Management and Future Research is an interdisciplinary Working Party, composed of representatives of the chemical industry and related industries, and of the scientific community, government and society.



Vorsitz / Chairman:
Steve Rommel
Konica Minolta
Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Darmstadt


Eckard Foltin

Stellv. Vorsitz / Vice Chairman:
Eckard Foltin, Sinzig

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