Agglomeration and Bulk Solids Technology

Subject Division


The Subject Division targets the investigation of the physico-chemical principles of agglomeration technology, product design and formulation, storage, conveying and dosing of dispersive solids, and also of their practical applications in process industry plants.
Fields of activity:
  • Design of product formulation processes (apparatus, machinery), storage of raw materials and products, including conveying and dosing
  • Novel methods to describe coupled, non-stationary processes, development of new measuring methods for the characterization of product properties and process dynamics
  • Multiscale models for the prediction and customized adjustment of product properties, the dynamics of storage, conveyance and dosage


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Heinrich

Vorsitz / Chair:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Heinrich,
TU Hamburg

Dipl.-Ing. Harald Heinrici

Stellv. Vorsitz / Vice Chairman:
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Heinrici,
Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik GmbH, Wolfenbüttel

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