Pipes, Valves and Pumps

Subject Division


The aim of the Subject Division is to create a format specification for virtual pipework models embedded in the world of digital planning. The development of the world wide web and globalization of planning call for compatibility in all fields. Advance estimates and rapid design concepts are compiled using sophisticated auto-router systems and make it possible to dimension and visualize new projects. Ingredients lists are integrated into schedules in order to demonstrate progress in planning and assembly. On-site conditions are digitalized, converted into an electronic model and are subsequently used for planning modification measures.

Special work groups are involved in the topics: implementation of EN 134840, nozzle loads for equipment, valves and pumps.



Dipl. Ing. Ralph-Harry Klaer

Vorsitz / Chairman:
Dipl. Ing. Ralph-Harry Klaer,
Bayer AG, Dormagen

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