Equipment and Plant Engineering

Equipment and Plant Engineering

From components, pumps, valves and pipes to plant design and simulation, from construction and plant engineering to process engineering, measurement and process control

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  • Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgemeinschaften "Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik" unterstützt durch „Sustainable Production, Energy and Resources"

        Herausforderung Digitalisierung Die Umsetzung der Konzepte von "Industrie 4.0" in der Prozessindustrie ist nur mit den...

  • Recommendation for biological evaluation of bioreactor performance for microbial processes

    2. revised edition
    The Escherichia coli model process described in the recommendation also makes it possible to characterise the biological performance of a system. The standardised process aims to determine the performance of bioreactors, in particular single-use bioreactors, and to evaluate their suitability for microbial applications. Since microbial processes place high demands on the bioreactor system with regard to oxygen transfer, this is of particular importance; another important parameter is heat removal. The associated Excel tool offers the possibility of a standardised evaluation, so that a comparison across bioreactor systems is possible. Calculations, e.g. of the volumetric mass transfer coefficient, will be performed automatically after input of the raw data. Recommendation and Excel tool were developed by the "Single-Use Microbial" working group of DECHEMA's expert group "Single-Use Technology in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing".

  • 2nd Internationalization-Workshop “Modular Plants”

      The workshop is a continuation of last years successful first workshop on internationalization of that topic. It is organized by the ProcessNet...

  • Status Paper "Facility of the Future"

    The biopharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly in recent decades, with biotechnologically manufactured drugs are at the top both in new approvals and new fields of application. Various trends such as the production of biosimilars have led to a real boom in new production facilities in recent years.
    Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly planning and constructing more flexible, smaller plants to meet the demand. These flexible Facilities of the Future (FoF) often use single-use systems. The Status Paper of the DECHEMA working group “Single-use technology in biopharmaceutical manufacturing” is an introduction in the field.

  • Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgemeinschaften "Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik" sowie „Werkstoffe, Konstruktion, Lebensdauer“ 2017

    Das diesjährige gemeinsame Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgemeinschaft "Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik" (PAAT) und der...

  • PRAXISforum Future Production in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

    Dear visitor, Unfortunately, we have to inform you that the registration numbers for the PRAXISforum "Future Production in Chemical and Pharmaceutical...

  • Webinar: Next generation hydrogen storage and transport

    Hydrogenious Technologies is a global pioneer in the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) Technology. This new and innovative technology enables safe and...

  • Trends and Perspectives in Industrial Water Treatment

    Raw Water – Process – Waste Water
    Global changes in water availability and the manifold regulatory frameworks have already prompted many companies to develop ambitious strategies to improve their water usage efficiency. This requires a combination of know-how and process technology, embedded in integrated industrial water management solutions.

    Due to the high innovation potential of an integrated industrial water management the ProcessNet Subject Division Production-Integrated Water/Waste Water Technology has developed a position paper to highlight the trends and perspectives in industrial water technology.

  • EuroPACT 2017

    Online-Registration 4th European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology EUROPACT 2017 is the fourth European Conference on...

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