Mapping Plant and Process Safety Competence

Chemical and petrochemical industries are indispensable both for modern life and for solving the world's big global challenges. Furthermore, they considerably contribute to the economy of many countries world-wide. Crucial prerequisite for their continuing success is that chemical processes and plants are operated at a high level of safety. Industry itself is primarily responsible for ensuring the necessary level of safety of their operation. Appropriate governmental supervision has also proven beneficial. However, for keeping a high level of process safety competence adequately available, other stakeholders having plant and process safety competences come into play: universities and other research institutes and service providers as well.

ProcessNet is the German platform for chemical engineering. It's Section Plant and Process Safety feels obliged  to contribute to the maintainance and development of the necessary level of plant and process safety in Germany and abroad. Thus we operate a map of plant and process safety competences enabling to:

  • learn where respective competences are located
  • make this information available to everybody who might need it
  • enable and encourage networking and co-operation

What years ago aimed for national benefits only, today needs a more global approach. Co-operating with European and overseas partners, we would like to widen the geographic scope of our map of plant and process safety competence.

If your institution is active in research and development in the field of plant and process safety, or is offering services in this field, please spend a few minutes entering your address information, a brief competence profile and appropriate keywords. Please decide what type of institution matches best: university, research institute, or service provider. In case of large institutions, it would be helpful to enter a link directly leading to the relevant subdomain.

The map of plant and process safety competence shall help you to answer the questions who is holding which specific competences and where the corresponding organization is located. Please help us to provide this information. Entering an institution is free of charge, will not oblige to anything. ProcessNet pursues no commercial interests with the map or with the information contained.

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