International Workshop "Molecular Modeling and Simulation for Industrial Applications"

22. - 23. März 2010 Würzburg

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Physico-Chemical Properties and Processes

EFCE-Event No. 687

EFCE Working Party on Thermodynamics and Transport Poperties


ProcessNet Working Party Molecular Modeling and Simulation for Process and Product Design

Molecular Modeling and Simulation play a central role in academic research on physico-chemical properties and processes. The efforts in this field have resulted in models, simulation methods, and tools that allow not only solving academic problems but can also contribute substantially to industrial research and development. They open the route to gaining insight and improving processes that up to now could only be dealt with empirically.

Molecular Modeling and Simulation is also the basis for developing advanced engineering methods for calculating physico-chemical properties used in process development, like modern equations of state. It is, furthermore, closely related to experimental methods and provides new insights both in designing and interpreting experiments.

The present workshop is explicitly dedicated to this rapidly developing interdisciplinary field, in which efforts from natural sciences and engineering are combined. It provides an unique opportunity for getting an overview of the state of research in Molecular Modeling and Simulation for Industrial Applications and on its applications in developing engineering models. Moreover, it aims at bringing together experts from academia and industry, as well as from different scientific communities engaged in Applied Molecular Modeling and Simulation.

The workshop continues a series successfully launched in 2008. It will be held in Würzburg, Germany, located on the Main River in the heart of the Franconian wine region, and will start on Monday morning and close on Tuesday afternoon. A social programme has been organised for Monday night.


Confirmed Invited Speakers

A. Fuchs, Institut des Sciences et Technologies Paris Tech/F
E. Hendriks, Shell Global Solutions International B.V., Amsterdam/NL
G. Jackson, Imperial College London/UK
R.G. Larson, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI/USA
G. Sadowski, TU Dortmund/D
J.I. Siepmann, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN/USA

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